CMS IINEO robots

Automatic optical inspection

Robotised coating

Electronic boards

Electronic board manufacturing

in small, medium and large production runs
SMD and conventional technology.

  • SMD line, 20000 components per hour
  • Conventional manufacturing
  • RoHs series, Sealed or selective series
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Robotised coating
  • Flexible circuits
  • In situ / functional testing

An experienced team always ready to react quickly.
Technological equipment for effective quality control.

Complete electronics-based products :

To satisfy your needs for subcontracting finished electronics-based products requiring faultless technical savoir faire, production quality and reliability, we work in partnership with you on development, overall manufacturing project management and after sales service.

  • Medical analysis laboratory equipment
  • Assistance device for Alzheimer's disease victims
  • Display and signalling equipment
  • Top end lighting for architecture and industry

FCE : A production site with ISO 9001 certification, ISO 13485 medical certification and UL approval.

Our products :

  • electronics for medical analysis laboratories and medical appliances
  • electronics for medical analysis laboratories and medical appliances
  • electronic equipment for mass retailing
  • electronics for special machines, inspection equipment and robotics
  • electronic refereeing for top level sporting events like world championships and Olympic games

En mai 2017, POLYCAPTIL s’installe dans ses nouveaux locaux sur le technopôle de Besançon, 5 rue Sophie Germain.