Mechatronic integration

Manufacture of mechatronic sub-assemblies

POLYCAPTIL has an assembly, wiring, tuning and testing workshop for manufacturing your mechatronic subassemblies. In the electronics field, we manufacture modules based on carefully produced high technology parts mainly incorporating:

  • sensors and optoelectronics,
  • precision mechanical engineering,
  • micro-actuators and micro-mechanical components.

Finished products and automatic machines

Combining expertise in electronics, optoelectronics and mechatronics, we handle the production of complex integrated products with perfect control of the materials and manufacturing processes, with the final aim of achieving reliable and economical solutions.

Our products :

  • Jacquard electronics for lace-making machines
  • automatic tray distribution with access control
  • automatic equipment for hypermarkets and retailing
  • smart card processing and electronic banking systems
  • contact-free hand disinfection systems
  • special thermo-moulding machines for tubes
  • environmental monitoring devices
  • painting robot sensors and control boards
  • Mobile camera jacquard board readers

En mai 2017, POLYCAPTIL s’installe dans ses nouveaux locaux sur le technopôle de Besançon, 5 rue Sophie Germain.