Optoelectronic sensing

Infrared sensors with or without background suppression:

  • Process inspection
  • Automatic sensing
  • Access control (banks, etc)
  • Counting in transport

Polycaptil designs, develops and manufactures sensing systems when a standard solution does not exist.

Optical fibre:

  • Analysis by transmission or reflection
  • Light barriers
  • Liquid level sensing in difficult environments, such as liquid nitrogen

Polycaptil has the expertise, experience and equipment to design and manufacture quality optical fibre products.

Technical lighting:

  • Use of optical fibre
  • Use of LEDs for signalling and transport
  • Design and manufacture of technical LED lighting

Polycaptil innovates, develops and builds reliable, made to measure technical LED lighting and sensing systems using coupled backlighting and sensors.

Our products:

  • control devices for industrial processes
  • sensors for health and hygiene applications
  • security and protection of sensitive goods and sites
  • special industrial sensors

En mai 2017, POLYCAPTIL s’installe dans ses nouveaux locaux sur le technopôle de Besançon, 5 rue Sophie Germain.